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Over 1 million social messages per month are sent using Blabeey, the free social messaging app that has hundreds of thousands of pre-recorded audio clips that users can leverage by simply clicking relevant categories and subcategories.  No need to text, no need to surf through a ton of clips to find the one that fits...instead, Blabeey does that work for the user. Blabeey is not about adding sound effects to content, it is truly about full conversational and social messaging.  When that's not enough, you can add your own voice to your pictures and videos and share across other social platforms.Why Blabeey? We believe that there is no tone in text.  People have forgotten that the best way to understand how someone feels about what they have to say is to actually “hear” that person “say it”.  Every aspect of what someone has to say, has influence on how that message should be perceived.  Is there anger, happiness, distain, irritation, or disinterest, all critically important in the interpretation of the message and none of which can truly be determined by mere text.